Mobile Solutions
A mobile workforce is the face of your organization and an essential part of your communication with your customer base. Equipping your mobile workforce with the right tools and applications directly affects a client's perception of your company and its results.

Mobility & North America
With a global work force BLU partners with AT&T in the US, Mexico & Rodgers Communication Canada. Where ever your mobile workforce is based out of our partners serve millions of customers allowing them to travel and communicate seamlessly with the best wireless coverage in North America. Our dedicated back-end team of mobility experts will analyze your workforce needs, goals, to formulate a competitive quote ensuring that you get the best possible offer with all partners. We also work hand in hand with our partners to customized offers for your particular vertical industry sectors.

Analysis of Mobile Solutions

Mobility investment that sometimes reach hundreds of dollars, it is practically impossible to keep track of the cost and why. This could cost your business thousands of dollars per year! At BLU, we specialize in detailed reviews and audits of invoices identifying usage: line by line, unique charges, unauthorized add-ons and more.  Let BLU help you make an informed decision and handle the implementation process of your next wireless purchase.