• Optimize and reduce the costs of network assets and carrier services.

  • Increase negotiation power with vendors.

  • Leverage newfound automation and services to reduce the demands on staff and allow them to focus on strategic core competencies.

  • Track the distribution and use of communication assets, subscriptions and utilization of cloud and digital services.


  • Automatically allocate expense to cost centers or individuals

  • Easily share the costs of communication services, promoting increased engagement and responsiveness in governing services, promoting increased engagement and responsiveness in governing services / devices.


  • Support the organization with fast, effective usage-based shared services chargeback.

  • Enable real-time, multi-dimensional analysis of contracted services and assets by unifying costs, configuration, in one integrated solution.

  • Answer questions you didn't even know how to ask. Empower stronger evidence-based decision making.

  • Explore and analyze all your data across the entire organization. Place knowledge into the right hands, quickly and comprehensively.


  • Assure corporate business policy and regulatory compliance across the organization.

  • Identify and resolve billing errors. 

  • Eliminate billing errors and charges.

  • Increase accuracy in expense tracking and reporting.


  • Cut costs and streamline operations and processes.

  • Drive transparency and accountability.

  • Drive business value with visibility and insight.

  • Reduce risks across your organization.



As a leading provider of Telecom / Technology Expense Management solutions we aim to provide your business with clarity in order to maintain control of all your invoices and reduce costs to your business. We are committed to giving you greater transparency over your voice, data, and wireless expenses in order to increase valuable resource time. 

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BLU Telecommunication is proud to be an authorized FirstNet Dealer and part of the FirstNet mission.

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